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Supporting Armonia-Bolivia and Endangered Birds

Supporting Armonia-Bolivia core operational costs to continue species conservation during COVID-19 limitations

Horned Curassow, Palkachupa, and Red-fronted Macaw (Pauxi unicornis, Phibalura flavirostris and Ara rubrogenys)

Grant Number:

202525665 and 212526446

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South America



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In such unprecedented times, when businesses have been struggling to stay afloat and economies teetering on the edge as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, benevolence is a commodity in great demand but short in supply. This is especially true in the field of conservation, which tends to be overlooked. Asociación Armonía-Bolivia is one such organisation that has been severely affected by the pandemic and its knock on effects.

Founded in 1993 with the aim of conserving Bolivia’s endangered birds and their habitats, Armonía (meaning “harmony”) is a leading bird research organization in Bolivia. It holds the largest database of bird observations in the country, has established protected areas for various bird species and also empowers local and indigenous people to participate in the conservation of Bolivian birds.

As a result of the pandemic, however, Armonía lost revenue from tourism for three of its projects and experienced a severe surge in costs. As a result, the continued employment of administrative staff became a significant concern.

Fortunately, the Fund’s Covid Relief Grants were able to help alleviate some of the concerns. The special grant was able to help cover the administrative costs of the staff as well as the increased project costs due to COVID-19 security measures. In addition, the organisation was able to continue with much needed research in nature reserves on various endangered species. Armonia was also able to purchase more COVID tests and medical kits than was originally thought possible helping at least 37 people maintain their health. Although 18% of staff tested positive for COVID-19 no one developed severe symptoms.

The support garnered for salaries was crucial in maintaining the employment of key staff members as not a single tourist visited Barba Azul Nature Reserve. Throughout the pandemic Armonía -Bolivia has been living in harmony with bird conservation in Boliva.

Project lead by

Bennett Hennessey

Asociación Armonía